Site Planning
Horizontal Control Plans
Pre-Application Meetings with Municipalities
Feasibility Studies / Due Diligence Packages
Pre-development and post-development drainage studies
Hydraulic and hydrologic modeling
Flood protection studies
Site-Specific Stormwater Management Design
Stormwater Management Permitting ~ Local, State, and Federal
Nutrient Loading (Harvey Harper) Calculations
Water Distribution System Design
Sewer Collection System Design
Hydraulic System Modeling
Reclaimed Water System Design
Master Utility Planning
Lift Station Design
Roadway Design - New/Widening/Resurfacing
Access connection design
Intersection Design
Traffic Generation Analysis
Sidewalk and Bicycle Path Design


Bid Package Preparation
Bid Tabulations
Quantity Take-offs
Cut/Fill Analysis
Shop Drawing Review
Field Observation Services
Permit Certification Services
Constructability Plan Reviews
Contractor Selection Assistance


Lee County Development Order
City of Fort Myers Sitework Permit
Hendry County Site Development Permit
Collier County Site Development Permit
Charlotte County Site Plan Review
SFWMD/SWFWMD Environmental Resource Permit
FDEP/NPDES Notice of Intent
FDEP Utility Permit
HRS/Florida Department of Health
Local Utility Authority Application to Construct
FDOT Driveway Connection Permitting
FDOT Drainage Connection Permitting
FDOT Utility Connection Permitting
Plat Applications
FEMA Letter of Map Revisions
CFM Stormwater User Fee Reductions/Adjustments
Local Right-of-Way Permitting
Dewatering Permitting


Due Diligence Packages
Land Development Feasibility Reports
FEMA Letters of Map Revision
City of Fort Myers Stormwater User Fee Reduction/Adjustment Requests
NPDES Permitting
Engineering Assistance Pursuant to Zoning Applications
Nutrient Loading (Harvey Harper) Calculations
LEED Site Certification Assessments
LEED Project Registration
File Credit Interpretation Requests (CIRs)
Submit LEED package via LEED Online